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The Proclamation of the Day of Vengeance


IMPORTANT Attention: although we advocate for freedom of conscience in matters of receiving the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, we do NOT condone violent protests or violence of any kind. We address this topic in the video entitled God’s Instruction for Protesters Today. We advise being peaceful, maintaining a low profile, and complying with the general health rules that are in effect in your area (such as wearing a mask, washing hands, and maintaining prescribed distances) as long as they do not go against God’s laws, while avoiding situations that would require one to get vaccinated. “Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (from Matthew 10:16).

WHEREAS the following video was recorded in the temple of the White Cloud Farm one week before the Day of Trumpets High Sabbath (September 18/19, 2020) as the official announcement of the Day (Year) of Vengeance that is connected with the jubilee in Isaiah 61:1-3, and insofar as the Day of Trumpets serves as a 10-day advance warning of the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) which represents the closing of the books and the final judgment of God over the world,

HEREBY this solemn proclamation is being released today, September 27/28, 2020 (Yom Kippur) to declare that The Scroll has been rolled together and the Lord will now recompense the impenitent inhabitants of the world for their deeds, without mercy.

IN CONSIDERATION OF the ramifications of this divine decision and the far-reaching effects for the entire world, and for the benefit of those who commit to remaining faithful to God whatever the cost, a comprehensive article has been written and will be published soon to explain all aspects of this decision, including but not limited to:

  • The Mystery of God—How the mystery was finished, who finished it, and how to know if a particular individual is among the 144,000. How, when, and why mercy ends. What hope is left for God’s children.
  • The Ten Commandments—The importance of the Ten Commandments and how they are the standard God is now using for His destructive judgments.
  • The Power of Sacrifice—What the “greater work” is, that Jesus expects man will do. Why Jesus has the right to punish the world. How the plagues were delayed by sacrifice. How sacrifice made it possible to win the victory over the mark of the beast.
  • The Fear of Jacob—How Jacob’s wrestling with the angel was repeated in our day, and how the time of Jacob’s trouble is turned to victory.
  • The Great Jubilee—The sign of the jubilee in the stars. When exactly the jubilee is announced and when it begins. How Jesus sets the sheep on His right hand and the goats on His left. How the 70th jubilee since the entering of Canaan is coming, and what it has to do with the ark of the covenant. The difference between the year of release and the year of vengeance, and by whom each is announced.
  • The Sixth Seal—How and when it opened, how the Bible texts were fulfilled, and how much remains to be fulfilled in the future, and when the sixth seal will close.
  • The Seventh Seal—How and when the seventh seal opened and how long the silence in heaven lasts.
  • The Divine Clocks—How the Mazzaroth will reach alignment with the clock of God in Orion on a specific date and for how long it will stay synchronized, and what it means. How these two clocks show the cooperation of God the Father and the Son as a pattern for ministers on the earth.
  • The Fruitless Fig Tree—How Jesus’ parable of the fruitless fig tree shows that the end has definitely come, whether there is repentance or not.
  • The Woman In Travail—What woman gave birth on the Day of Trumpets, and what it has to do with the call of Peace and Safety that precedes the sudden destruction of the world.
  • The Seven Last Plagues—How and when each plague will be poured out without mixture or mercy, who the seven plague angels are, which beast delivers the vials to the seven plague angels, and how far-reaching each plague will be for humanity. What makes the seventh plague worse than the others. How the TEN plagues of Egypt are a pattern for the SEVEN last plagues over the world. Who will survive all seven of the plagues, and how.

THEREFORE, subscribe to our Telegram group Alnitak Newsletter and watch for the publication of this important article that will provide the spiritual food that God has prepared for His people to sustain them in their closing work.

INSOMUCH as God is pouring His Spirit upon many who fear His name and leading them to understand the truths that are contained in The Scroll to loudly proclaim the truth at this time, may the knowledge contained in The Scroll give them The Victory in the ingathering of the harvest during this terrible time of coming famine for the word of God when the seven last plagues are poured out over the world without mercy.


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