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Full Study Plan (yearly)

Full Study Plan (yearly)

Have you ever wondered about the riddles in the book of Revelation? Have you then also wondered why it is called a divine “revelation,” if you still don’t seem to understand much of what is written there?

Many know—but do not preach—that this book is written in prophetic language and that the terrible events mentioned therein have to be correlated to events that fulfill the texts in a form that comes unexpectedly for those who live in the times to which the prophecies pertain. God wanted only the wide-awake virgins to be able to finish His mystery and decipher all His secrets in the revelation that Jesus Christ Himself had given through His messenger, the angel Gabriel, to the beloved apostle on Patmos some 2000 years ago.

One of God’s last and greatest mysteries is the understanding of the seven thunders that only the last generation—in the last minutes of earth’s history—would be able to not only comprehend but to write down, since the apostle John was not allowed to write what the seven thunders had uttered. Do you want to know what he was allowed to see? You need to buy eyesalve and gold tried in the fire from the Creator to be able to see it too. Accompany us while the finished mystery of God is made plain on tables in this last series before Michael stands up and God manifests Himself with His iron rod to the unrepentant.

This full-subscription plan grants full access to all the content on our website, WhiteCloudFarm.org, without any limitation, including all the new articles that were (or are yet to be) published since May 2019 in the series The Mystery Finished. (A good bargain for those who do not believe that Jesus will come sooner.)

Duration: 1 year
Price: US$ 99.99
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