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Study Plan: God is Time (monthly)

Study Plan: God is Time (monthly)

After our experience that God is Time and of having postponed the seven lean years through our Sacrifice of Philadelphia, we started to discover how the trumpets and the plagues of Revelation were beginning to fulfill in a symbolic way, unrecognized by clueless Christians.

President Trump accompanied that phase, and it seems not to be a mere coincidence that God allowed a man with that name to fulfill the end-time prophecies as that leader of the second beast helped to further the mark of the beast, which was not recognized in its true nature either, by those for whom the book of “Revelation” was originally written. Knowing what would come over the earth, we wrote our last will.

But then, led by the promised Elijah, those who lifted up their heads as Jesus recommended in Luke 21 were astonished when in 2017 the heavens began to shake—again unrecognized by the sleeping virgins. After hundreds of heavenly signs, soon the books were closed and the stench of the first plague began the terrible cycle of God’s last warnings that now shook not only the heavens but also the earth and the Roman Church.

The second plague brought to light how the world leaders pact together, not even fearing public murder anymore. Their sins also started to stink up to heaven. The third plague started to reveal who the king of the north is, who will take North America in the terrible Third World War that is at the doors, and the leader of the first beast cried out loud as the plagued sun-king in the fourth plague. The Christian world did not recognize what was going on behind the closed door nor where the prophecies of God were pointing to, in reality.

Then began the final hour, in which even we began to close our door with parting words, believing that the battle for souls was most probably lost—when the Two Witnesses died, resurrected, and were brought up to a very special place in “heaven.” Soon the world would be in shambles, but suddenly we recognized the sign of the Son of man, the “little black cloud,” coming from millions of light years away and heading for the true third temple, a place from which many waters have come in the last decade.

The gathering for Armageddon is almost finished, and after we went into our chambers, the power of the “embellished Creator” started to reveal to us His last mystery, the complete understanding of the book of His Revelation. The seven thunders have now begun to utter their voices.

This plan includes the articles of our website prior to when the finishing of the mystery of God began in May 2019. It does NOT include the series The Mystery of the Holy City, written by the fourth angel himself, nor all the articles that were (and are yet to be) published after May 2019 in the series The Mystery Finished.

Duration: 1 month
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