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Code of Conduct for HSA Society Members

Required for access to the member area of the society.

1. Baptism

One of the most fundamental and important confessions of faith is baptism by immersion in water. It is a public demonstration of faith in Jesus Christ as one’s Savior through substitution of His death and life for ours, and the words of Paul still give a clear picture of what it means:

Therefore we are buried with him [Jesus] by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. (Romans 6:4)

The High Sabbath Adventist may appreciate the significance of baptism more than other Christians who practice baptism by immersion, given the prominent place it has in the Mystery of the Holy City and the sign of the Son of man. Nevertheless, the baptism itself is no different, and having once been so baptized as a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ, it is sufficient to satisfy the requirement of baptism for membership in the High Sabbath Adventist Society. Those, however, who have been “baptized” by any other means, would need to be baptized again according to the biblical model of immersion.

2. Organizational Structure

The High Sabbath Adventist Society is governed by the laws of heaven, and therefore is organized in such a way as to prevent the laws of the state from interfering with the faithful fulfillment of our duty and obligation toward God. Thus, this society is not a state-recognized non-profit organization, even though in practice, it is indeed not for profit, but in order to obtain state recognition, the organization would have to submit to, among other things, state-defined principles of equality and non-discrimination. God knew the dangers of compromise that would need to be met, and gave wise instruction early on to make the way clear:

And thou shalt take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth the words of the righteous. (Exodus 23:8)

The gift of the state is to reduce the tax burden for contributors and organizations, if the organization abides by the state’s principles of tolerance and non-discrimination (among others), which are contrary to the law of God, which discriminates against sin. Lest the words of the righteous be perverted as we have seen happen in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and every other religious organization who has received this tempting gift of the state, the High Sabbath Adventist Society and its members must work on a higher level. The tithes and offerings given to this organization are therefore not tax deductible.

3. The Tithes

Members of the High Sabbath Adventist Society, having accepted our high calling, are expected to be faithful in all things, and that includes the returning of the tithe, or 10% of the income God has given, before any taxes or necessary expenses are paid. That portion is holy, and God asks the individual to return it to Him as a tangible acknowledgement of His ownership of all. Therefore, as faithful stewards of God’s resources, the returning of the tithe is a requirement for membership in the High Sabbath Adventist Society.

The churches have corrupted themselves with the state, descending into apostasy and the terrible misuse of the tithes that are given to them, even appropriating them to that which is clearly not God’s work. Therefore, the tithes given through those corrupt channels are not returned to God, but to the corrupt servants of Babylon. The tithe is the holy part of the income and is treated as such by the leadership of this ministry. It is used to support a holy work and is not appropriated to common purposes.

Because there is no other organization that is faithfully delivering the last message from God to the world, which He has given as an ark of safety to save life from the earth, it follows that the High Sabbath Adventist Society is the only remaining storehouse that God may claim as His own. As it was in the days of the first apostles, so it is now. Though the church was young and small, it was God’s chosen body, separate from the large, but unfaithful people who had rejected their Lord.

4. Religious Affiliations

In order to become a member of the High Sabbath Adventist Society, it is necessary to first relinquish any other membership in the Babylonian system of churches and tax-exempt organizations. The faith of the 144,000 must be pure and untainted with the false teachings and practices common in such organizations. Members should be willing to bear witness to their faith, not only in conversations with others but also visibly, by placing the Alpha and Omega seal on their social media profiles, thus unashamedly professing their belief in the message of the Sign of the Son of Man, which is formed by the comets K2 and E3.

5. The Members' Area of Philadelphia

Access to the members' area of the society is a privilege that comes with responsibilities that go beyond those of the faithful student. The advanced teaching shared in this area is restricted to those who have proven their willingness to follow their Lord in the highest act of self-sacrifice and who have ordered their lives according to the calling of the 144,000. One of the regional representatives must, in good faith, verify that the candidate's personal dedication to Christ has led them to make all necessary lifestyle changes to testify that nothing is so important to them that they would not give it up if their Lord required it. Once these prerequisites are met, the candidate can apply for membership in the HSA or Philadelphia community, which grants them access to the society's members' area.

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