We are a prophetic movement—not a church organization. We welcome people from every denomination who have left “Babylon,” which in these end times represents the conglomerate of every single organized church.

Supporters of this movement understand the biblical requirement to return the tithe to God, because it belongs to Him. For questions about tithing, please refer to Questions about Tithing.

We have founded the High Sabbath Adventist Society, LLC as a legal association in the U.S. to receive tithes and offerings in the official name of the movement. Since we are not tax-exempt according to section 501(c)(3), we are also not subject to the influence or pressure exerted by laws, which threaten that this tax exemption may be withdrawn. On the other hand, we can not issue tax-deductible receipts.

How to transfer your tithes and donations is described on our page Receive Blessings from Above. The treasurer of the association is listed here and is available to answer administrative questions. 

It has become evident through the first seven years of the movement, that God has called four men to communicate His messages in written form. It seems to be a repetition of the number of gospel writers who were called in former times. Thus far, the work includes nearly 2000 pages written by those four authors. Please understand that they are under a lot of time pressure and responsibility, so if you have any questions, please contact one of the regional secretaries. If necessary, they will forward questions to the responsible author. We try to answer all serious questions, but please be patient because we are processing the questions in the order they are received. Thank you very much!

Regional secretaries are normally non-ordained members of our movement who can answer administrative and doctrinal questions for the people in their area/region. If you have questions, please always contact the regional secretary closest to your area before contacting an author. If any special questions arise that need dispatching, your regional secretary is responsible for doing that and getting the answer to you.


In several countries, small study groups have been established. If you want to contact and participate in such a study group, please refer to the contacts in this category.

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