The time of the last trumpet, which coincides with the seventh plague, is almost reached. Jesus’ return, the establishment of His eternal kingdom, and the associated devastation of the kingdoms of this world are predicted in the second chapter of Daniel’s book, whose prophecy is probably among the best deciphered. Although it is known that the statue of Nebuchadnezzar represents a flow of time from one world empire to another, Christianity in general is not clear that the end of the “fifth” kingdom, represented by the feet, is imminent. What exactly does it mean that the stone will hit the feet of the statue? When exactly will the world lie in shambles?

Could it be that shortly before the end of world, God revealed this mystery to His messenger—the last “Elijah”—and His church, Philadelphia some time ago?

On April 10 this year, agreements were made that confirm God’s revelations about the correct interpretation of Daniel 2 and this article will bear witness to you and the whole world. Of course, the world will ignore this testimony as well as all former testimonies. A small group of people are grieving because the earth has become ripe for the grape harvest. And you? Will you still count toward the wheat harvest, which will be completed in a few days?

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May God’s will be done!

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