The Sign of the Son of Man


Jesus comes like a thief. Mankind is asleep while the last great sign of heaven was given on time before the return of the Son of Man in May 2019.

Years ago, the last “Elijah” realized that on April 10, 2019, the “little black cloud” with Jesus should become visible in the sky, exactly on the day when Jupiter becomes retrograde in the center of the Milky Way. And so it happened... The scientists set the unveiling of the first photo of the gigantic black hole in the midst of the largest known galaxy, calculated over two years in the cloud (!), for the morning of this day. Almost all humanity celebrates this success and they worship science, while a few Christians who received the Holy Spirit in the latter rain recognize what this photo really means... it is the sign of the Son of Man, which had been seen by a few in their dreams, years ago!

God has made the last lunar month before the coming of His Son into a mighty spectacle, hidden from the sleeping behind the veil of sin, like Sagittarius A* through the cloud of dark matter between us and the Milky Way center. Yaweh’s third temple was inaugurated and miracles accompanied the procession of God’s glory, which only the watchful perceived.

This and much more is part of what will be revealed once the “hour of the two armies” has begun. This is the last hour before the seventh trumpet sounds on a day determined by the sun and moon that no one had expected so early. Not even we!

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