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The Elijah Sign


Chances are good that you have probably heard about the Great Sign in heaven to take place on September 23, 2017, when the imagery of Revelation 12:1 is displayed in the starry heavens.

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: (Revelation 12:1)

The sign has gained widespread notoriety, because it is reportedly the ONLY TIME that this sign has ever come together in the past 7000 years.

Yet, aside from the discovery of the sign itself, the meaning of the sign is much less understood. With this 6-part sermon, that is no longer the case! Watch, as not only does this great sign come alive with deep meaning and significance, but a complete set of SEVEN heavenly signs are revealed that are amazingly reflected in the texts of the seven trumpets of Revelation. Jesus, the center of all of our studies, revealed the understanding of these seven signs right in time.

The trick is to know when to look, and as anyone vaguely familiar with this ministry knows, the Lord revealed to us months ago—before we knew anything about the Great Sign—the details of the last trumpet cycle, which provided the dates on God’s clock for when to look up and see these seven additional signs.

That’s right, each of the seven dates of the current trumpet cycle have an associated sign in heaven that corresponds beautifully with the text of the trumpet! If you were surprised at the rarity of the Great Sign, then you will surely be astounded when you see what God illustrated in the heavens to get your attention before Jesus throws down the censer and stops interceding for humanity! Heed the trumpet warnings before it’s too late!

This is the message that God has entrusted to the last Elijah. It is a message that is calculated to turn the hearts of fathers and children alike to God, and therefore to each other. In this sermon, you will learn how God has been preparing to give this message, and the crises of understanding that had to be overcome before it could be received for what it is. Not only is the starry revelation presented, but the clear, biblical understanding of each sign is presented. From beginning to end, precious gems of truth revealed in this video series will make your faces shine as you behold the wonders in heaven above that Joel prophesied.

May you be among the good wheat, ripened by the latter rain and gathered with God’s sickle into His barn.

Part 1: Biblical Star Signs vs. Astrology

As soon as one speaks of signs in the stars, it is often the case that thoughts of astrology rise up and drive the Christian away. Yet the Bible is clear that God put signs in the heavens. Even Jesus said that at the end, there would be signs from heaven, and that we should look up.

Yet to be sure, the Bible also strongly condemns astrology and worship of the heavenly bodies. It also warns against learning the way of the heathen and their use of signs. In this video, the difference between the heathen use of Astrology and the Bible's signs in heaven and how they work, is clearly explained from the Bible. God is leading His children, and the signs in heaven are His last message to a doomed planet.


Part 2: Recognizing Eljah and His message

The prophet Joel prophesied that before the great day of the Lord, He would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh like the latter rain that would bring the harvest to maturity. In the very same promise, God said that He would show signs and wonders in heaven and earth.

In this video, you will learn who the messenger is who is sent in the spirit and power of Elijah to sound the last warnings before the great day of the Lord. The latter-rain message was prophesied to come in the first month, but as in the days of Hezekiah, the priests were not ready yet. There were two crises to be met. Not only did the messenger have to be accepted for the last Elijah that he is, but the message had to be accepted in spite of the mistaken association with astrology.

By God's provision, the second month could take the place of the first in such extenuating circumstances. Listen as Brother John tells the story. This message calls mankind to take a stand. If the light of the latter rain is refused, one is left in total darkness. Therefore, quench not the Spirit.


Part 3: The Great Sign and the Day of the Lord

You know the Great Sign of Revelation 12, but do you know what it means? Did you know that it is associated with the trumpets of Revelation, especially the fourth? It is not a signal for the rapture, but a sign of the trumpets that warn of the coming plagues!

Yes, the people of God must be prepared to stand during that difficult time, and this is what the sign points to. In this video, you will also learn about how Jesus' sacrifice must find a counterpart in His people, and how the example has been given by a few, such that the delay described in Revelation 7 has been fulfilled. You will discover the biblical evidence that indicates when the delay expires, and the year of recompenses begins.


Part 4: The Great Sign and the Time of Harvest

Is there a biblical connection between the Great Sign and the fourth trumpet of Revelation 8? In this video, you will see that indeed, there is a clear connection, highlighting the harmony with the present trumpet cycle of the Clock of God in Orion.

More than this, however, the Bible clearly relates the sign to the remnant of the woman's offspring, who are known by their keeping of the commandments. This suggests that the harvest of the earth—the gathering of the good grain into the barn of God's remnant—must take place during the trumpets.

Indeed, the harvest passage of Revelation 14:13-20 begins in a time of grace and ends with the treading of the wicked without mercy, but is there a solid, biblical link between the harvest sickle and the trumpets? You are sure to be impressed as you see the relationship drawn out before your eyes in this video!


Part 5: Signs in Heaven for the Seven Last Trumpets

The book of Revelation depicts the throne of God with four “beasts” surrounding it, and they have faces that represent different aspects of the character of Christ. Did you know, however, that these four “beasts” around the throne represent the four celestial directions, showing the power and dominion of God's throne over the entire Universe!

In this video, you will understand the significance of these beasts, and how they relate to the various trumpets and God's signs in heaven. You will understand why the fifth trumpet likens the locusts to scorpions in different ways, and see how God confirms that Jesus will throw down the censer at the sixth trumpet according to its time on the Orion Clock. Even the reversed time of the trumpet cycle is clearly confirmed in God's dramatic display of His signs in the heavens.


Part 6: “Another Wonder in Heaven” and the Trumpets

The Great Sign of Revelation 12 may have the most popularity, but the great red dragon is also depicted as a wonder in the same passage. Many have proposed varying ideas, but they fail to meet the description in the Bible. Why is the dragon red? In this concluding video of the sermon, you will see the whole story revealed in full detail! You will even learn the significance of the Crab constellation.

Yes, the story of Revelation 12 is told in the heavens during a very special time: the complimentary trumpet cycle of Orion. When we look up at the times that Jesus tells us in Orion, we see Him pointing to His heavenly canvas as He shows us the last scenes of human history. It is simply impossible to relegate these multifaceted correlations to coincidence. Let your face shine like the stars!


Presentation Materials:

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