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The Covenant of God and the Mark of the Beast

Do you know with certainty what the mark of the beast is? Can it change? What should we avoid, and more importantly, why should we avoid it!? There are right reasons to avoid the mark of the beast, and wrong reasons to avoid it! God uses it to test the heart, not the outward obedience to the letter. Where is your heart?

Declaring the End from the Beginning

This video presents the greatest divine message ever given to mankind in a single word. In this one word is summarized a message that contains literally thousands of pages and millions of words—more than the Bible itself. One word packs that much meaning!—and more, which could have been written, but wasn’t.

The War You Never Saw Coming

A war is raging and you are in the crosshairs without even knowing it. Find out how the Bible prophesied this war, and how you can protect yourself and others. Time is of the essence!


Why the White Cloud Farm has its own channel

Through the written word, God has communicated the fullness of His truths, and if properly studied, it would be sufficient to supply men with all the understanding of the times that is needed. However, in this age of instant gratification and attention deficiency, many fail to take the necessary time to do so, and as a result, there is a general and great lack of scriptural understanding. Additionally, the rapid events of these last days often bear prophetic significance, and it can be more practical to communicate short messages about current events in video format, rather than in writing. For these reasons, we have used this format to address the relationship of various current events to God’s trumpet cycle clocks.

Originally, we used the popular video platforms like YouTube to convey these messages, but in the name of “tolerance”, their standards lead to the repression of truth, from which we were not immune. When we closed all of our accounts, God led us to host the videos ourselves as a service to those who have accepted the message. Now that God has breathed life back into the two witnesses, they are available to you as a witness to the prophetic accuracy of God’s clocks that went unnoticed and unheeded by the world. The Lord has spoken from heaven.

Please see our complete video table (English version PDF here), which contains links for playing and downloading videos, and viewing related articles.

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Learn how you can heed Jesus' command to “fill to Babylon double,“ and what this has to do with the banking system that increasingly controls and exploits people.
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Many Waters of Paraguay

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