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Robert Dickinson
White Cloud Farm
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Miscellaneous Information:
Language: English
Nationality: United States of America, presently residing in Paraguay
I was born and raised by Seventh-day Adventist parents in California, U.S.A. I was baptized into the church as a youth and remained a member in good standing until I withdrew my membership in 2015. I attended mostly Adventist schools, and worshiped at local Adventist churches the majority of my life. I actively served in various local church offices, and as a layman witnessed the General Conference session in St. Louis as part of my Adventist experience.
Ever since I can remember, I always took truth seriously and if I did not understand, I pondered in my heart until the answer was revealed. I never outright rebelled against the church at any time in my life, nor did I strictly conform to its traditions without a desire to really understand the meaning of things. All through my life, I sought an understanding of spiritual things and the meaning of my life experiences.
Through my experience at White Cloud Farm, I came to see my life in its true wretchedness and that all the works of the flesh are corrupt. Although I did not think I was so bad, I found that my heart was deceitful and desperately wicked and injurious to others. Like the robber on the cross, I suffered near the Lord justly and in vain because of my own sins. My only plea has for His merits become, “Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.”
I recognize how the Holy Spirit has led me all through the ups and downs of my life. Today I am happy to be among those remnant who cherish the imminent coming of Jesus Christ and recognize their role in the final events of the grand conflict of the ages to put an end to sin once and for all. My hope is that the Holy Spirit will guide you as you study the material published here.
Your sincere brother in Christ,
Robert Dickinson from Paraguay
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