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Who are the members of the movement of High Sabbath Adventists, or in other words, the proclaimers of the message of the Fourth Angel of Revelation 18? In the About Us section, you can find out who we are and what our mission is.

Help each other!As mentioned before, in October 2016, everything depended on the second witnesses and whether they would be willing to bring the sacrifice that would make them the pure church of Philadelphia. God’s reward for this sacrifice was the blessing of receiving His counsel and commission to proclaim the time of the plagues and the second coming of Jesus. The expected "seven" lean years would be considerably shortened, because otherwise, no flesh would be saved.

At the request of the second witness, humanity was granted a delay and a loud complementary trumpet cycle, which has been ongoing since November 22, 2016. In this cycle, we will experience the Sunday Law, but it comes too late for Adventists, since they failed the test with the twin. Therefore, fire will come from heaven and devour them. God's answer to the Carmel challenge of the "Elijah" prophesied in Malachi 4:5 will show that a prophet was among them.[1]

All further studies of this site are based on what God showed us the past seven years when we were on the ascent to Mount Chiasmus. On the Last Countdown, we have written some compelling articles to help you get started.

Last Countdown Homepage – God’s last gifts to humanity: Clocks.

Tips for Students – How can you learn in the few remaining months, all that God has taught us in years?

Daniel's Timelines – Daniel 12 gives the countdowns of 1260, 1290 and 1335 days to us..., but when should we begin to count?

Time runs backwardsThe Countdowns – The four angels wanted to finish their work on October 23, 2016, but they were given the order to hold the winds, and the second time proclamation began. The second wave is bigger than the first, and it’s your choice to believe now or to reject God’s offer.

The Sunday Law – The Adventist's favorite prophetic baby. Yes, it comes... but as the last act of the drama.

The Fireballs – Will God still answer “Elijah’s” Carmel challenge on time? Yes, because Ahaz’ sundial clock is not the only one that runs backwards. We visit the sixth trumpet again in the descent.

William Miller's dream – William Miller learned that a man would come after him who would re-collect and clean the old jewels of God, and that their light would then shine ten times brighter.

Official Statement – Our prayer on October 22, 2016, which brought God the Father to grant the delay.

Study Material – We, of course, offer many materials to download for sermons or lectures. Confess the Son in Orion before men, and the Son will also confess you in the Orion Nebula and give you the crown of victory!

Operation “Torrent” – The Latter Rain has already fallen. Now the rivers and streams must bring the water of life to men, especially at a time when buying and selling spiritual food will be prohibited.

The grain house on the white cloud farmFollow the To-do List below! Subscribe to the newsletter and we will provide you with information on how you can work for the glory of God the Father. Study, for only the wise of Daniel 12:3 can turn many to righteousness.[2] And contact us, because only together are we strong. The forum of the 144,000 is waiting for those whose faith cast mountains into the sea!

There are many ways to actively witness for God the Father. Officially join the movement of the High Sabbath Adventists and show your affiliation by the star crown on your forehead. Help us with your donations to finance the elaborate technology behind all this information, and consider that there are 10 people living in Paraguay who have consecrated their lives to God and have no more income than the tithe you give them.

Let us climb the Holy Mountain of Time together and welcome the Alnitak sun in May 2019!

Together at the summit


The End and the Beginning ❯

Ezekiel 33:33 – And when this cometh to pass, (lo, it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them.  
Daniel 12:3 – And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. 
Together to the goal!


Historical tradition tells us that it was about AD 90 when the final mysteries of God, which contained the essence of human destiny, were revealed to Jesus’ beloved apostle, John. About two thousand years would pass before the return of the Revelator, Jesus, and people should believe when things come to pass, so these revelations were shown to the apostle John in a purely symbolic form on the canopy of heaven. Many generations were able to interpret some of the warnings and come to repentance, but only the last generation would be able to decipher all the symbols—in the very last days when things have actually come to pass and the son of perdition has already been revealed. With this complete understanding in the last moments of God's grace, they would come to faith in the midst of a completely apostate world, for without faith no one can stand before the Great Judge.


The last second of the Last Countdown ended on October 24, 2016, without Jesus coming back as expected. It was apparently what our enemies wanted, but for reasons that are more than they bargained for. Their supposed victory turned into a devastating defeat for them. Instead of closing our ministry like the critics wanted, our mission work is flourishing with new freshness and with great strength given personally by God the Father.

A new website is emerging and all of the sites, including the forum of the 144,000, are now hosted on “cloud” servers, referring to the cloud that we would have liked to meet each other in, as High Sabbath Adventists, if Jesus had already returned.

He wanted to come too, and was actually on His way to Earth until with the help of the last seven rations of the Holy Spirit, we realized during the Feast of Tabernacles (October 17-23, 2016) that a great sacrifice was needed for a complete defeat of the enemies of God in the battle of Armageddon. We were not to stand before God almost emptyhanded, with just a few—the first fruits of our movement. We realized that there was still a large group that could be found if—and only if—there were more TIME.

That is why during the Feast of Tabernacles, with one voice all of the members of the movement decided to ask God the Father, like Joshua, to stay the Sun of Righteousness for a heavenly hour, thus delaying the return of Jesus for the according earthly years. That sacrifice to postpone our rapture prior to the time of divine judgment upon humanity made us indeed the first of the “church of Philadelphia,” or of brotherly love.

Jesus, when He was about to come again and already saw the world in front of Him, found what He had pleaded for: faith... the faith of Jesus... faith that is willing to suffer for others and to be a friend to the enemies. He found the patience of the saints.

God the Father had revealed the time to us—the day and hour of the coming of His Son—but we declined that gift because it would have been selfish of us to go alone and leave virtually all others behind. Now we are no longer time-setters, but together with Jesus we determine when it will be time for Him to come. Only God the Father knows at the moment when that will be.

The four first articles of this new study site, which is for the seven years of Ezekiel 39:9, are about that sacrifice. Brother Ray writes about why it is right to ask God the Father for time, and tells the story of a revelation of the character of God. I, personally, have the honor of delivering a message from God, bringing to light awfully solemn things. Brother Robert, who has been bearing the heat of the jungles of Paraguay for years with me, will tell what happened before and during the Feast of Tabernacles here on the upper, dried-up corn fields where we pitched our tents. And last but not least, my faithful companion Gerhard will explain what exactly needs to be done in the remaining time which God the Father has granted.

May the Holy Spirit be poured out upon the just, like in the beginning. That is my wish for you.

Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month. And the floors shall be full of wheat, and the fats shall overflow with wine and oil. (Joel 2:23-24)


The choice is yours! (Countdowns) ❯


Since I wrote my short introductory article for this website under the title The End and the Beginning, a little more than three months have passed. Our series of articles entitled The Sacrifice of Philadelphia is complete, and the three great waves of God’s second time proclamation have struck us quite unexpectedly, as set forth in those articles. Again, we were commissioned by God the Father to announce His time and the final hours of humanity’s last chance. God has revealed many details according to the principle of progressive revelation, but only the few who still have a love for the truth are interested. For the rest, who prefer the short, Facebook-like style of an information-overloaded world, the last countdowns are published here as a testimony. Do you want to know God and dig deeper or just mock? The choice is yours.









The Sacrifice of PhiladelphiaProphecies Fulfilled

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