Prophecies Fulfilled


Never before in the history of mankind has there been a prophetic ministry similar to that of the Fourth Angel from Revelation 18. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we received seven divine clocks, which not only supplied the missing links in the biblical chronology, including the depiction of the journey of the Seventh-day Adventist judgment people through their ups and more so downs, but also marked important points for our current, real-life experience in the present time.

Four Orion cycles, each with seven significant dates, have passed: the Great Orion cycle from the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden to the birth of the second Adam, Jesus, in Bethlehem, the Judgment cycle from the beginning of the judgment of the dead in 1844 and the setting out of the rider on the white horse in 1846 to the beginning of the judgment of the living with the trumpet cycle from February 1, 2014 to October 18, 2015 as the final warnings for the plagues that are coming upon the present generation.

Because the Seventh-day Adventist Church, just like the Israelites and the Christians, didn’t fulfill their mission in the time that God gave them, He granted mankind another great opportunity for repentance by transforming the year of plagues into another merciful cycle of seven. However, they still didn’t repent, as the text of the seventh and last plague even says.

In the High Sabbath List—in which, in the first seven years of our divine mission to redeliver to the people the lost genetic heritage of their Creator, we recognized the gene of life for the 144,000 who will never taste death—more great milestones appeared to everyone on the journey through God’s own time toward a sin-free universe. God wrote these memorial dates with His own finger; with the finger of the I AM, who is Time Himself.

These dates, totaling 4 × 7 = 28, plus the 9 × 3 = 27 memorial years of the gene of life, where the spiritual death of the organized SDA Church in the years 2010-2012 was also recorded, have all been fulfilled already, and we wrote these 55 (!) prophecies including their fulfillments on approximately 1800 letter-sized (or A4) pages over a period of seven years on They stand as a testimony to the impenitent world. In addition, innumerable and unprecedented harmonies appeared in the Word of God, and we were able to solve age-old riddles that the Lord had given us to consider, like His instruction to think about the number of the beast, along with which, we could unmask Satan in the flesh.

In our anxiety and desperation to bring salvation to at least a few remaining true Christians, who still believe in Satan’s lies in one way or another even though God’s clock hands point to all of His valid and life-essential rules and teachings, we asked for more time. God knew our request before we asked it, and for that reason, He only let the Bible texts fulfill partially during the first trumpet cycle. Thus, He opened the possibility for the second and last trumpet cycle, which completes the first and runs parallel to it from November 22, 2016 until the beginning of the plagues on August 20, 2018.

One last time, scoffers and doubters have an opportunity to experience even more serendipitous fulfillments at the “clock times” indicated by God—this time under the more challenging requirement that specific parts of the trumpet text must be fulfilled, which had not yet been fulfilled in the first pass. Will this lead some wavering ones to believe when it comes to pass?

The countdown is ticking. After the sixth (complementary) trumpet, there will be no more repentance nor conversion. Receive and accept the gene of life, and God will grant you eternity!


World War III, Unleashed


It was just days ago that US President Trump announced his withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, and restarted sanctions against that nation’s theocratic government. Yet in the brief time since that announcement on May 8, a whole lot has happened! The next day (May 9), Israel declared that 20 Iranian rockets were launched against it, targeting sites in the disputed Golan Heights district, which Israel governs without UN support. Their response came the following day (May 10), which saw “the most extensive military exchange ever between the two adversaries,” when Israel destroyed up to 70 Iranian targets in Syria, striking what it considers to be “a severe blow to Iran’s military capacity in Syria.”

Sounds like war, doesn’t it? No, no! This is just an example of “limited skirmishes” and “clashes” that “will likely be sporadic and not escalate to a wider conflagration.” At least, that’s what the risk consultancy firm, Eurasia Group, would have you believe. “There, there, don’t worry. Everything will be fine,” they say, lulling you back to sleep as the whirlwind approaches with great destruction in its path. Perhaps they didn’t consider that in order to wage war against Iran directly, Israel would need to first debilitate Iranian operations in neighboring Syria. With the forest cut down, the wind can blow more freely.

The Books Are Closed


Jesus is coming! The history of earth is coming to its end. Have you seen the signs? We don’t mean the general “signs of the times” that every Christian invokes whenever there is a particularly bad weather-event, crime, or accident. No, but the heavenly signs that have been warning the earth of its fast-approaching end. Great signs have been given, and they have been clear, but only those who were looking up could see them. Those who look only on the earth for signs will be disappointed. Remember what Jesus said:

And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and saith, Why doth this generation seek after a sign? verily I say unto you, There shall no sign be given unto this generation. (Mark 8:12)

And neither will the present wicked and adulterous generation receive a sign—not because there aren’t signs, for there are many, but because they do not receive them. Therefore, the sudden destruction comes as a thief in the night for them, and they shall not escape.

The Battle Belongs to the LORD


The prayers of the Elijah movement were heard! As we begin writing this article on June 3, 2018, the date prophesied by the Orion Clock, fire from heaven has fallen upon the altar of the sixth trumpet!

And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God… (Revelation 9:13)

Brother John emphasized in Elijah’s Prayer and the End of Grace how it is only WHEN the events have happened that we can be certain of the meaning of the biblical symbols. Even in our article about Hawaii as Elijah’s altar, however, we noted that there were two altars on the biblical Mt. Carmel.

This day, June 3, 2018, was the showdown between the modern Elijah and the present-day priests of Baal. By the end of the day, by the end of this article, you will know who the Lord is, and who His servants are, because you will have seen the fire on the Lord’s altar.

Video Reports

The White Cloud Farm has its own channel!

Through the written word, God has communicated the fullness of His truths, and if properly studied, it would be sufficient to supply men with all the understanding of the times that is needed. However, in this age of instant gratification and attention deficiency, many fail to take the necessary time to do so, and as a result, there is a general and great lack of scriptural understanding. Additionally, the rapid events of these last days often bear prophetic significance, and it can be more practical to communicate short messages about current events in video format, rather than in writing. For these reasons, we have used this format to address the relationship of various current events to God’s trumpet cycle clocks.

Originally, we used the popular video platforms like YouTube to convey these messages, but in the name of “tolerance”, their standards lead to the repression of truth, from which we were not immune. When we closed all of our accounts, God led us to host the videos ourselves as a service to those who have accepted the message. Now that God has breathed life back into the two witnesses, they are available to you as a witness to the prophetic accuracy of God’s clocks that went unnoticed and unheeded by the world. The Lord has spoken from heaven.

Please see our complete video table (English version PDF here), which contains links for playing and downloading videos, and viewing related articles.



Before the heavens and the earth are shaken to pieces by God’s hand, His voice is moving the firmament one last time. The silence in heaven is giving way to the sound of His last seven trumpets. They call the sinner to repentance and the doubter to decision, for now the heavens declare His glory in an unprecedented way. Every single trumpet blast is recorded in His handwriting on the vaults of heaven, thus bearing the seal of the Almighty.

This series of articles was written in the time of the maturing of wheat, the time of the third trumpet of God. It contains the last drops of the latter rain, which ceased by the power of the throne line of God. We have been permitted to gaze upon the moving heavens, and you are also called to look up, while we show you the celestial drama on behalf of the Creator. Therefore…

See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven: Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. (Hebrews 12:25-26)

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